Avoid Uppercase All At Article Title

Besides not seo and difficult for reading, using capital letters (ALL CAPS) in Title Blog Post also unethical.


LOT blog template using “all capital letters” (ALL CAPS) in the title of the post. Nothing wrong, but the use of the All Caps in the title of the post, is not recommended by experts in usability and web visibility,Clear difference. The title is “normal” (not All Caps) more scannable, readable, and visible to the user friendly, easy to read, easy on the eyes, and easy to digest.

All Caps Not User Friendly & Ethics Internet not good

>>All Caps sulit dipindai mata (scan), sulit dibaca, sehingga tidak user friendly.
>>All Caps dalam dunia tulis-menulis berarti “berteriak”. All Caps means Shouting!

Just for study material alone may be useful


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